FAQs on Dog Bite Liability Insurance

FAQs on Dog Bite Liability Insurance

If you’re considering taking out a dog bite liability insurance policy, it helps to know the questions that others in your situation have asked. Here are some of the top questions.

Does the Insurance Cover More Than Dog Bites?

Yes, this type of liability insurance typically covers scratches and falls in addition to bites. If your dog injures another animal instead of a person, that also tends to be covered. However, you should always check with specific insurers to ensure you understand everything they cover.

What Does a Settlement Take Care Of?

Dog bite settlements may cover medical bills, lost income, pain, plastic surgery and sometimes counseling.

Does It Cover Pit Bulls?

Dog bite liability insurance covers pit bulls and other breeds that traditional insurance companies decline to cover. You may also be able to get coverage for dogs with a demonstrated history of aggression.

How Flexible Are the Policies?

Dog liability insurance is pretty flexible. You can choose among several payment methods and coverage limits. For additional coverage, get an umbrella policy to supplement your primary policy.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

In some cases, yes, but many exceptions apply–for instance, if it’s a dog’s second bite or if it occurred during business activities that you run from home. If a dog bite or dog-caused injury happens in your car, your homeowners insurance company and car insurance company may go to court to try to force the other to pay.