Connecticut Large Account Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Solutions for Large Accounts

When you run a large business, your workers’ compensation needs differ from those of smaller businesses. Your degree of risk increases with the number of individuals you employ, so it’s essential that you carefully review all potential solutions before deciding on a plan for your business. Here’s an overview of some of the Connecticut large account workers compensation options that exist for today’s big businesses.

The Guaranteed Cost Plan

As the name implies, this plan involves determining the amount of the premium at the outset. Policies are then manually rated and, if applicable, adjusted before undergoing an experience modification. The rate is then multiplied by your business’s payroll. The only time the original premium is subject to change under this plan is upon expiration.

The Retrospective Rating Plan

This plan is intended for businesses that typically pay somewhere from $150,000 – $500,000 in premium costs, with the final amount determined by the losses experienced by the policy holder after the policy expires. Ideal for accounts that want more control over their losses, these premiums often fall well below those of Guaranteed Cost Plans, but they work best when you’re able to accurately predict losses.

The Large-Deductible Plan

This self-insurance solution is intended for accounts that pay more than $500,000 in workers’ compensation premiums, and lets large accounts self-insure their own risks without all the red tape that self-insurance typically involves. A letter of credit that designates an amount roughly equal to the disparity between paid and final losses is often required for a Large-Deductible Plan.

Every business is different, so before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you full understand your options when it comes to Connecticut large account workers compensation.


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Agency Insurance Marketing

How to Generate More Leads for Your Insurance Agency

Insurance sales are a numbers game and you need as many well-qualified leads as possible in order close the most business. There are numerous agency insurance marketing activities that can assist you in building a strong sales pipeline and improve your success ratio.


Telemarketing is a traditional way of contacting prospective customers and can be effective. Purchasing high quality name lists and following telemarketing best practices are two ways to be more productive when telemarketing.

Social Media Marketing

For many types of businesses, social media marketing has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly if you are targeting a younger demographic. Understanding where your prospective customers hang-out online is an important way to ensure they receive your messages. One of the main goals of this type of agency insurance marketing is to encourage readers to share content with friends across all their social networks.


SEO (search engine optimization) is another essential component of online lead generation and digital marketing. It involves posting unique well-written information on your website in the form of articles, blog post and other web content that improves search engine rankings. Done properly, it will help draw qualified customers to your site, encourage them to stay and motivate them to buy.
These three examples of agency insurance marketing activities are all things that will help generate leads, which can lead to more sales.


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Specialized Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Specialized Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Most surgeons earn a lot more than other physicians. After all, you’ve completed more training and invested more into your career and face more risk. Does your disability insurance cover your financial future if you ever can’t work in your chosen field? It’s important to check now about your benefits, before you need to use your insurance. Make sure you have disability insurance for surgeons that provides for higher benefits in case of injury.

Ask how your insurance policy defines total disability. You may not be able to perform surgery any longer, but you can practice medicine. This means a loss of income, but your insurance may not recognize it as such. Will partial benefits make up the difference between your income and responsibilities? Check that you have an own-specialty policy that provides full benefits if you cannot work in your specialty.

Does your insurance coverage take into account your current level of earning power and experience? If your insurance representative does not have the unique understanding of the needs of physicians and surgeons, you could be missing out on valuable benefits that will protect your future.

Tailor an insurance policy to meet your needs as a surgeon. Find the disability insurance for surgeons that allows you to live up to your financial responsibilities if you are unable to work in your chosen field. You deserve to have peace of mind about your future.


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Key Characteristics to Look for in Your Insurance Plan

Key Characteristics to Look for in Your Insurance Plan

Quality disability insurance can help protect you and your business, while ensuring you have a long and prosperous career. In order for this to happen, there are a few key characteristics that you should look for when securing disability insurance for dentists.

Complete Coverage

When you consider a plan, make sure that it provides ample coverage for all of the benefits that you require. You not only want to make sure that certain benefits are provided, but also that each benefit includes a sufficient amount of coverage to meet your needs.

Expedient Enforcement

It is important to have your plan in place as soon as possible. Check with the insurers to see how long it will take for your plan to be enforced after you apply. This can also serve as an indicator of how long it will take the insurer to assist you with claims and other inquiries.

Helpful Assistance

A quality insurer will not only supply insurance, but will also provide information and assistance to make sure that your company is compliant with current regulations and policies, which can help to safeguard your company against claims.

The right insurance does not have to be hard to find when you consider key characteristics of proper disability insurance for dentists. If a plan provides complete coverage of all the benefits you need, is guaranteed to be enforced quickly, and comes with helpful assistance from the insurer, then it is a plan worth considering.


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Five Essential Points of Coverage for E-Commerce Businesses

Five Essential Points of Coverage for E-Commerce Businesses

Operating an enterprise on the Web requires e-commerce business insurance that covers risks particular to commercial activity on the internet. Even if e-commerce makes up only a part of the whole business, it is important to be covered appropriately. The following are five of the primary points of an e-commerce policy.

Data Security

This is liability coverage in the event security is breached and sensitive client or internal information is compromised. Whether the breach is due to a system error or to malicious intent, the right coverage will help with damages and possibly assist in finding the source of the incident.

Business Interruption

This is similar to coverage for ground-based businesses, in that it helps with losses felt by businesses when they have to stop operating due to outside forces. In the case of e-commerce, the third party may be a shipping agent or internet provider.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Sometimes the people in charge of running things make operational mistakes that result in financial loss for the business.

Intellectual Property

E-commerce companies often need protection for intangibles such as software, data and gaming operations.

Transportation and Contents Coverage

Business transactions may occur online, but products still have to move across territory. This coverage is for inventory lost or damaged in transit along with warehouse tools and machinery.

E-commerce business insurance offers a wide range of products. An experienced agent is the best source for building the best policy with the right protection.

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Covering the Needs of Independent Living Communities

As the country’s population continues to age and live longer into the senior years, many people are entering independent living communities. This increase in the need for quality senior communities means that those in the industry need better risk management for independent living communities. Unlike traditional nursing homes, the needs of continued care communities require different levels of insurance and have different risks involved. As such, facility operators should consider specialized programs designed to cover their specific needs.

A Shift From the Traditional

In the past, retirement communities served mostly those who were unable to care for themselves. Today’s independent living communities are suited for those who can still do most daily tasks, but prefer to live in an environment that may be safer that at home. The need for risk management for independent living communities is essential for keeping residents and employees protected from the exposures that are commonly faced.

Putting the Resident First

Those who live in a continued care community expect to receive quality treatment. Facility managers work tirelessly to serve their residents, and a good program of risk management for independent living communities can deliver the same quality of care. The resident should always come first and a risk management program should include services that do just that.

Investing in a quality risk management program can allow facilities to continue to provide the high level of care that their residents expect.

Important Considerations for Businesses Seeking Construction Insurance in New York

There are many financial risks and liabilities associated with construction in New York, from damage to the contractor’s equipment to injury. This is particularly true for injury liability — over the past several years, due in part to the Workers’ Compensation Law of 2007, liability claims for construction site injury in the state have skyrocketed. These days, even a relatively minor employee injury can end up costing an improperly insured construction company millions of dollars. For this reason, construction insurance in New York has become all the more vital to the financial success of construction businesses and their projects.

Finding the Ideal Construction Insurance Provider

Construction insurance policies vary greatly, but the ideal construction insurance provider will offer coverage for as much of a given project as possible, all while protecting the construction company from the broadest range of risks. Building construction, heavy construction, and home improvement businesses alike can benefit from the various programs which can be offered under the umbrella of construction insurance. For example, insurance policies can include insurance for electricians, plumbers, and general contractors. Not all insurance providers will be able to offer this breadth of coverage, however, nor will they all protect against the same range of risks. Ultimately, businesses seeking construction insurance in New York should take time to select a program of coverage that will work in their best interest.

Benefits of Dignicare Insurance?

As people age, their right to quality care and a dignified life do not diminish. In fact, this is the time when extra care and attention should be focused upon to meet these needs. Having the proper insurance ensures that this is the case by offering coverage to assist in the process.

Dignicare Insurance can help make sure the following areas of senior living are covered.

  • Nursing homes
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Assisted living
  • Independent living

There are a variety of ways that those involved are protected, whether it is a resident, an employee, or a visitor. Even the best run facilities still run into a glitch now and then, whether it is as the result of an accident or other mishap, which can place everyone involved at risk. Lawsuits do occur and can make a huge impact on the financial well-being of a senior care establishment. Here are coverage options available through Dignicare Insurance that you may want to consider for your facility.

  • Professional and/or general liability
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Property insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • Employee benefits liability

While you are focusing on providing quality long-term and short-term care to your residents on a day-to-day basis, the last thing you want to have as a distraction are concerns about legalities and liabilities that can leave you vulnerable. Keep yourself, your employees, and residents protected so you can provide quality care with peace of mind.

The Importance of High Value Home Insurance in Alexandria VA

Unique properties require unique insurance solutions. A standard policy isn’t going to be enough to protect all of your assets. For high value home insurance in Alexandria VA, you need to work with experts that understand your specific needs.

What is High Value Home Insurance?

General insurance policies are only adequate for average homes valued at less than $300,000. Insurance companies can reliably predict the typical risks these home owners face. For unique locations and more valuable homes, special attention must be applied to assess the true risks and replacement costs.

Appraisal Process for Property Insurance

Insuring your home begins with an appraisal process. More than just the market value must be considered. Replacement costs for your structures, attachments, and assets need to be estimated. The costs of any valuables, like your fine art collection or expensive jewelry, are also taken into account. Since every home is unique, a qualified appraiser must be consulted. Your policy premiums and the amount of benefits you receive depends on the accuracy of this appraisal.

Umbrella Personal Liability Coverage

High risk elements on your property like swimming pools and tennis courts increase the likelihood that and injury will occur. As the owner, you are responsible for the safety of your guests. It’s always wise to be prepared to cover medical expenses and avoid potential lawsuits with a customized umbrella policy.

Filling Gaps in Coverage

A specialist should look over your policy for any gaps in coverage. A customized plan can be designed to protect against potential losses that are not specifically addressed in a general insurance policy.
When your situation is unique, you need the services of a specialist. Get in contact with a local insurance professional experienced in providing high value home insurance in Alexandria VA, and find out what additional coverage you need to protect all of your assets.

Broaden Your List of Clients Through Online Insurance Marketing

Insurance is an industry that has a significant amount of competition. This makes getting your message out to clients seem quite difficult, especially as the market becomes increasingly saturated. However, with the help of professional internet marketing for insurance agent and agency, you will see success in as you pursue new clients.

Online Marketing Methods

One of the beneficial aspects of modern marketing techniques is its sophisticated targeting practices. Rather than running adds or banners on vaguely insurance related sites, SEO based marketing allows your prospective clients to come to you. When marketing for insurance agent or agency, search engine optimized content smartly matches relevant keywords to actual searches. This means that your website and associated ads provide meaningful information to a customer while also presenting your sales pitch. Optimize your entire website to work with a proven keyword strategy to get leads and increase profits. Concentrate on:

  • A strong call to action
  • Easy-to-navigate landing pages
  • Keyword optimization for every aspect of your site

Stiff Competition

Since there are so many different options for insurance coverage out there, it is important that your agency puts its best face forward at all times. This means staying away from the more annoying marketing techniques and going for efficient and effective SEO content and custom website design. Use an online marketing agency to have your website better able to compete in the insurance industry.