Office Products Suppliers Insurance

Just like the businesses in every other industry, office products suppliers need a solid corporate insurance plan. When seeking a provider, it is important to find an insurance carrier that can provide coverage plans that are tailored specifically for you, your business, and your industry.

Unique Companies

Office suppliers, furniture dealers, machine wholesalers, telecommunication installers, stationary retailers, paper distributors, and computer systems businesses all need to have a solid insurance plan to guard against problems like workplace accidents and employee injuries. However, even though they are all in a similar industry, each business is different. Every company has a different scope, clientele, organization, and size, which means that a standard one-size-fits-all insurance plan might not provide them with the coverage that they need.

Tailored Plans

A good insurance carrier will work carefully with your company to develop the right plan for your needs. Quality providers should have experience working with your industry and should take the specific exposures that you face into account. A highly specialized insurance plan is the best way to protect your business in the event of trouble.

Getting Started

While nobody can prevent disasters from happening, there are ways to prepare for them. A good, customized insurance policy is one of the best steps that office products suppliers can take to protect themselves, and finding the right insurance policy is a snap with the right insurance provider.

The Increasing Costs of E&O Insurance and What You Can Do About It

Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, a type of professional liability coverage, is an important type of insurance coverage needed by companies who have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. The policy provides defense costs and court awards in the event of a claim for negligence. This type of insurance basically covers unintentional wrongful actions and actions that should have been taken but were not that result in financial harm to the client or customer. There are a number of reasons why E&O insurance cost has been escalating.

Factors Driving Claims

The main factors driving up E&O costs are a lack of reinsurance and an excessive amount of claims filed. There are fewer companies offering E&O insurance since the reinsurance market took a tremendous hit after the terrorist attacks on September 11, causing some insurance companies to withdraw from the marketplace, giving rise to the dynamics of supply and demand. Some additional factors affecting E&O insurance cost are as follows:

  • Down markets can lead to more claims in the financial sectors
  • Regulatory actions can lead to claims being filed
  • Increased filing of product- based class-action suits
  • Increased filing of arbitration claims

What You Can Do about It

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to mitigate your E&O insurance cost.

  1. Scrutinize your internal procedures and address areas of weakness.
  2. Leave a paper trail on every transaction. Keep your files up to date and orderly.
  3. Note the types of claims most often filed in your industry.
  4. Have a written procedural manual that your staff must abide by.

Find an insurance agency that specializes in the area of E&O insurance. The insurance agent will be able to further advise you on customized solutions to reducing premiums for your particular company.

How Classic Car Insurance Works

If you are one of the fortunate few to own a classic or antique car, you should consider a special insurance policy for your special vehicle. It’s possible to cover an antique car with a regular auto insurance policy, but this is usually not the best or most cost-effective method. Instead, consider an antique classic car insurance policy that takes into account the special needs of classic vehicles. Here is how this type of policy differs from other types of car insurance.

How Value is Assessed

In general, classic cars don’t depreciate in value the way regular vehicles do. In fact, as the owner puts more and more work into them, they may actually grow in value as time goes on. This means that the amount of the insurance policy is assessed at the time coverage starts, usually by an appraiser or other professional. This amount takes into account everything that has been invested in the classic car, and can be changed as you put more into the vehicle.

Amount of the Policy

Since classic cars are generally driven less, policies are often lower than they are for regular vehicles. However, the final total depends on the value of the classic car.

If you want to know more about whether or not antique classic car insurance is right for you, contact your local insurance agent with any questions you may have.



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Doctors Disability Insurance

Two Reasons That Doctors Should Not Delay Buying Disability Insurance

Many doctors recognize that insurance coverage plays a key role in offsetting professional risk; for these individuals, forgoing malpractice insurance or business insurance would be unthinkable. Still, many doctors fail to protect themselves by purchasing doctors disability insurance. Unfortunately, doctors who currently lack this type of coverage face the following risks, which may only become worse over time.

  1. Rising Premiums
    A person’s likelihood of suffering from a disabling condition increases with age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just one in ten people under the age of 15 suffer from disabilities, while about three in four people over the age of 80 do. This means that doctors disability insurance premiums may increase significantly with a person’s age. Doctors who purchase this insurance at a younger age can lock in a more favorable rate.
  2. Loss of Eligibility
    Once a doctor suffers a disabling injury or illness, it may be too late to secure disability insurance coverage. The presence of a pre-existing condition that could give rise to a disability may also affect a physician’s insurance eligibility or premium costs. Doctors who put off purchasing disability insurance risk completely losing access to this important source of financial protection.

Starting Steps

Regardless of current health or income level, most doctors can benefit from at least comparing the available doctors disability insurance options. While enrolling in a policy may not seem immediately necessary, doctors should remember that failing to do so might lead to significant losses in the long term.



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3 Ways to Market Your Insurance Company

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade – especially for insurance companies. Gone are the days of putting ads on cars or cold calling. Sure these methods still work, but they reap much lower returns compared to the other options available. If you want your insurance agency to succeed, then you might prefer a savvy insurance marketing system that will attract the attention of today’s consumers. Here are three ideas to help you.

1 – Create a Great Website

Today’s marketing begins with great websites. This is the first thing people usually look at when they consider shopping for insurance from your company. Make sure it looks professional and has current content on it. If you website has not been updated in a while, people might move on.

2 – Use SEO

Part of your insurance marketing system should involve SEO. This will help people find your website, so they can receive quotes and purchase insurance. Remember, just because you have a beautiful website does not automatically mean that it will get seen. This is why SEO is so important.

3 – Connect With People on Social Media

Finally, make an effort to connect with people on social media. This is a great informal marketing tool that can help you engage with current and potential customers. You can resolve problems, gain referrals, and build a following using these platforms.

If you want your insurance company to succeed, then marketing is important. Use these three suggestions to help.



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Artisan Contractors Workers Compensation

Why Does an Artisan Contractor Need Workers Compensation?

There are potentials risks at any place of business, but those who work as artisan contractors know that the risks at a job site are much higher than they are in a cubicle inside an office building. When you run your own company, you need protection should something happen to you or one of your employees. With artisan contractors workers compensation, you can rest assured that you wont have to deal with a huge loss should something happen.

Job-Specific Protection

Artisan contractors, including electricians, plumbers, contractors and masons, have specific training and skills that they perform for their customers. Each type of work brings with it inherent risks that may not be covered by a basic insurance plan. Artisan contractors workers compensation is designed with the artisan contractor in mind, providing the protection that you need for your every-day tasks.

Defend Against Financial Loss

If you or an employee are injured on the job, you could face a large financial loss if a claim were filed against you. By investing in workers compensation, you are effectively protecting yourself from losing significant sums of money that you should be using for building your business.

Dont let the risks of your chosen profession hold you back. Purchase an artisan contractors workers compensation plan and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your interests are protected and secure.


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Cheap Auto Insurance in Orlando Florida

How to Minimize Your Auto Insurance Expenditures

Sometimes, auto insurance premiums grow for reasons beyond your control. You may be a great driver and someone who hasn’t had an accident in years, and yet you may still find your premiums jumping from year to year for reasons you don’t completely understand. Determining the cost of your auto insurance premium can prove highly complicated, but there are a few key steps you can take to obtain cheap auto insurance in Orlando Florida. Here are some tips to help you save money on auto insurance.

Work on Your Credit Score

You may find that you get lower-cost insurance policies as your credit improves, indicating your likelihood of paying off debts.

Be the Only Driver of Your Vehicle

Additional drivers means additional risks  it’s that simple.

Don’t Bother With Small Claims

Generally speaking, it’s more cost-effective to pay off small losses on your own than to submit a claim that barely exceeds your insurance deductible.

Pay Your Premium Once a Year

Most insurance companies offer discounts or incentives to those who pay the entire premium at once, rather than monthly, quarterly or twice a year.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Insurance companies will often reduce your premium if you can prove you participated in a voluntary defensive driving or driver safety class.

Cheap auto insurance in Orlando Florida is attainable. Just utilize the above tips to increase your chances of finding it.


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Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Secure Liability Insurance

It is not uncommon for real estate agents to face claims accusing them of professional error or negligence. Lawsuits are highly expensive procedures, and this is why agents need to have real estate professional liability insurance. If you do not have coverage, then you are putting yourself at risk financially.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Professional liability insurance provides coverage for mistakes made on the job. Your policy covers settlement and defense costs. Even if the claim made against you is completely unfounded, a trial can cost thousands of dollars. Having insurance can remove the financial burden generated by a lawsuit.

Common Claims Brought Against Agents

Claims are brought against real estate agents for a number of reasons:

  • Failure to provide documentation
  • Failure to inspect a property
  • Failure to disclose material facts
  • Delays in closing transactions
  • Libel or slander

Even if you are dismissed of all charges, you should still secure liability insurance. Defense and settlement costs can be exorbitant, and you do not want to be forced to pay such fees on your own. How to Secure a Policy Real estate professional liability insurance is the best way to protect yourself from claims made by disgruntled clients. Speak with an insurance provider if you have yet to secure coverage. A representative can help you craft a policy that is appropriate for you.


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Doctor Disability Insurance

What Your Disability Insurance Should Have Inside

Shopping for disability insurance can sometimes be confusing, particularly when you are a physician who works in a specialty area of medicine or has high income potential. The basic policy that works for many people just might not fit. For that reason, it’s important to know what you should be on the lookout for in your doctor disability insurance policy. Here are four things that should be included.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Coverage

No two disabilities are really the same, and sometimes you might have something that keeps you out of work for just a few weeks, while other injuries or illnesses could last for several years, or even the rest of your life. For that reason you want doctor disability insurance that offers protection for both types of disability.

Clear Definitions of Disability

The term “disability” is ambiguous, and different policies define it differently. Before purchasing a policy, make sure that you understand the definition and any limitations written into the policy. Generally the longer your disability impacts you, the more stringent the definition of disability becomes.

Own Occupation Coverage

As a physician you have a very specialized set of skills that you developed from many years of education and practice. Make sure that your policy includes coverage for any disability that might impact your ability to do that job. This is particularly important for specialty areas of medical practice that might require certain skills; for example, an illness that impacts eyesight would be debilitating for a surgeon and must be covered.

Income Protection

The right doctor disability insurance should indicate how much of your former salary will be paid in case you need to redeem the policy. Commonly they pay between 60 to 80 percent of your salary, and you should be able to take it with you if you change companies.



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Used Car Dealership Insurance

Protect Your Business Interests With Used Car Dealership Insurance

Running a successful used car dealership is no easy feat. In addition to making sure that your company is offering nothing but the best quality used cars for customers, you also have to offer your employees the best protection while they are on the job. The easiest way to keep your employees safe is to invest in some used car dealership insurance.

Protects Your Workers

Most situations that involve employees becoming injured on the job are unplanned. Regardless of how organized and structured your work environment is, accidents can and will happen. Don’t leave yourself and your company at risk for paying out compensation and increasing your future premiums. Invest in a good used car dealership insurance policy now and keep your employee expenses down and manageable.

Protects Your Company

This type of insurance doesn’t just protect your workers from accidents and calamities that can affect their health and ability to work, it also offers your dealership protection against claims that may arise from your customers. Even though you have done your best to ensure that every vehicle you sell is in great condition, you can’t predict or expect perfection from a used car. In the event of a situation where a customer brings a claim against your dealership, you don’t have to worry about a thing since you’re covered by a good used car dealership insurance policy.

Don’t take chances with your business and protect your interests today by contacting an agent to learn more about your coverage options.


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