Types of Home Insurance Coverage Your Need

Types of Home Insurance Coverage Your Need

Choosing a home is a very exciting and personal time in the life of a family or individual. More goes into making the choice than simply finding the largest square footage, most bathrooms, or all special amenities; a house must feel like a place that can be made into a home. After going through the trouble of finding the best possible residence, it only makes sense to protect it with homeowners insurance in Connecticut.


Creating the Perfect Insurance Policy


There is more than one, single type of insurance coverage, and even when you further compartmentalize into something like homeowners insurance in Connecticut, you still face several different options. When making your policy, choose from:


  • Personal property coverage – The property you keep in your home is also eligible to be protected. It is important to have your possessions appraised in order to get the proper amount of coverage.
  • Comprehensive – Not all homeowners insurance protects against natural disaster, but comprehensive coverage does pay for events such as natural flood and forest fire.
  • Special coverage – Many homes have additional structures on the property that are not always covered by the insurance policy, such as sheds, pools, sports courts, and fences. Additional coverage may be needed.


Learn more about the best homeowners insurance in Connecticut by speaking with an agent as soon as possible. Together, you can create a policy that meets your needs and protect all of your properties.


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Three Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Three Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability claims are increasingly common, as employees become more sensitive to incidents of harassment, discrimination, and more. However, individuals running companies or staffing agencies may question whether they really need specialized insurance to guard against these claims. The following benefits make this insurance highly beneficial and worthwhile.

  1. Difficulty or Providing Objective Evidence in These Claims

Employment practices claims often involve incidents that are not clear-cut or viewed the same way by both parties. What seems like a fair and rational decision from the company’s standpoint may seem like discrimination, failure to employ, or negligent evaluation to the employee. It can be difficult for a company to provide incontrovertible evidence to support its position.

  1. Legitimate Claims Will Likely Occur at Some Point

Unfortunately, even companies that value treating employees well may be exposed to legitimate claims. A careless remark or decision on the part of another employee could easily be interpreted as harassment or discrimination, and bias can accidentally slip into necessary hiring, promotion, or termination decisions.

  1. Financial Savings Can Be Significant

Employment practices liability insurance can protect against the cost of eventual damages, not to mention the expenses of investigating an incident and defending against a claim. In the event of a claim, the cost of coverage may pay off quickly.

Discover Other Advantages

Employment practices liability insurance may offer other benefits, depending on the employer’s specific situation. Businesses or staffing agencies lacking this insurance can benefit from contacting an insurance provider to learn more about the protection it offers.


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A Guide to NJ Homeowners Insurance Quotes

A Guide to NJ Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Purchasing insurance is one of the most important ways to protect your family’s home. From break-ins to ruptured water pipes, there are many different types of claims a family might need to make. Before selecting a particular policy, it is helpful to understand and compare the NJ homeowners insurance quotes available on the market today.

There Are Many Types of Coverage Available

There is no one-size-fits-all policy that suits every household. For this reason, it is important to explore the options that are available. For example, NJ homeowners insurance quotes might include special coverage for:

  • Pools
  • Trampolines
  • Motor boats
  • A home business
  • High-end possessions such as expensive jewelry or art

As you zero in on a particular policy, you will want to strike a balance between adequate protection and cost.

What to Expect From a Top-Notch Insurance Agent

When shopping for insurance, there are several things you can expect from a quality provider. An agent should start by doing an in-depth review of your particular situation. In assessing your needs, the representative will take into account your:

  • Property
  • Lifestyle
  • Tolerance for risk

Based on this review, he or she can advise you on the types of risks you face. Then your provider should be able to assemble an insurance package that is customized to your needs and preferences.

With any luck you should be able to move from shopping for NJ homeowners insurance quotes to being fully protected in no time.


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What is the Average Malpractice Cost for an Attorney?

What is the Average Malpractice Cost for an Attorney?

One of the most common budgeting questions asked by today’s attorneys is, “how much is legal malpractice insurance?” This makes sense, right? If you plan on practicing law, then you better protect yourself. One missed deadline or lost file could result in a lawsuit. And, in this scenario, things could get expensive. With the right insurance, you will be able to handle these unfortunate situations properly, ensuring that your reputation remains in tact.


The Cost of Malpractice Insurance Varies


So, how much is legal malpractice insurance? The truth is, the cost varies. The following factors influence what you pay:


  • Number of years you have been a lawyer
  • Amount of coverage required
  • Deductible
  • Area of law you practice


Interestingly, most experienced lawyers pay more for their insurance. Why? They have a higher chance of getting sued because of their reputation. Also, personal injury and real estate tend to involve the highest risk.


Average Cost Per Attorney


Most insurance companies set a minimum premium amount on these policies. Typically it is around $2,000. However, Black’s Law Dictionary says that that average attorney with experience will pay between $5,000 and $15,000 each year on their insurance.


If you need legal malpractice insurance, contact an insurance company today. It is important to have the professional liability coverage that is right for your job. With the right policy, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.


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Can Staffing Agencies Face Employment Practices Liability?

Can Staffing Agencies Face Employment Practices Liability?

Compared to other businesses, staffing agencies have unique legal relationships with their employees, which result in distinct legal risks. Among decision-makers at staffing agencies, one common question is, how can employment practices liability claims affect staffing agencies? Unfortunately, staffing agencies can be held liable for negligent practices on the part of any company they provide temporary staff to.


Agency Liability for Employer Failings


If a staffing agency employee faces poor practices – which could range from misrepresentation of the job to failure to employ or promote – the employee could hold both the company and the staffing agency liable. The fact that the staffing agency played no direct role in the problem does not matter.


Legally, staffing agencies have a duty to verify that the companies they work with provide legally compliant work environments. Of course, it is hardly pragmatic for staffing agencies to perform regular checks on their partner companies. Furthermore, such checks would not protect against isolated incidents, changes in leadership, or unfounded claims. This leaves staffing agencies highly exposed to lawsuits relating to employment practices.


Protecting Against This Risk


Considering how difficult preventing employment practices liability claims can be for direct employers – to say nothing of secondary parties, such as staffing agencies – it is essential for staffing agencies to purchase specialized insurance that covers this risk. Employment practices insurance can provide staffing agencies with a high degree of financial protection that would otherwise be very difficult to secure.


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Rehabilitation Centers

Insurance Helps Addiction Recovery Centers Provide Services

Getting well after an illness takes time and dedication, but getting well while in the grips of an addiction takes a little extra help. Going to rehab centers, detox clinics, and addiction treatment centers assists hundreds of people every year get past some of the worst periods in their lives. Insurance for rehabilitation centers allows the attending physicians and personnel to be protected while on the job.


The Purpose of Rehabilitation Insurance


Just like any other business or medical practice, addiction treatment centers face their share of business related struggles and potential problems in terms of employee relations and protection. Insurance for rehabilitation centers provides a solid base of risk management to prevent many problems from every occurring in the first place. For example, by creating procedures beforehand, employees will know how to handle workers compensation claims. Things like this allow for a safer working environment and let employees know the clinic is as concerned for their well being as it is concerned for incoming patients.


Finding the Proper Coverage


To purchase the best insurance for your own clinic, check online for an insurance agency that specializes in covering addiction treatment centers. This type of inside knowledge will allow the insurance agency to provide the best risk management and protection possible, because they understand how the business of addiction recovery works. Check for a provider online so that your clinic has the coverage it needs, so your facility is able to provide service without worrying about possible disaster.


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insurance for home healthcare agencies

Auto Insurance for Home Healthcare Agencies

A lesser-known but equally vital form of insurance for home healthcare agencies is auto insurance. Hospice and home healthcare often requires a lot of driving in order to attend to the needs of a patient or their family. Even casually driving a car is full of potential risks, so making sure coverage is provided on the job is highly recommended.


Many volunteers and people employed by at-home care agencies use their own cars to transport people or equipment from place to place. Since these cars are not covered by the agency itself, they pose a serious liability if any accident happens while they’re on the job. A good preventative measure is thoroughly inspecting an employee’s driving record and placing limitations on them if they have a history of accidents or traffic violations. If that isn’t enough, opting for home healthcare auto insurance can be a great help.


This type of coverage acts as a combination of liability insurance and property insurance, which may include a commercial auto insurance policy. The commercial policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage for cars owned by the healthcare agency. Liability coverage can be provided for cars that are not owned by the agency under a commercial auto insurance policy. This can work well for companies that do not own their own vehicles.


With excess liability insurance for home healthcare agencies, the limitations on the auto policy can be stretched to cover more serious collisions that may include severe injuries or fatalities. Driving a car is a major risk as it is, and whether that car is used for work or for casual use, having insurance is an absolute necessity.


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Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

The Importants of Financial Health with Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Many professional service providers have seen the boom and failure of errors and omissions insurance pricing. Law firms also fall into this category.

A company now has a difficult choice to confront – whether to leap to an upstart insurance company to cut costs. The response is not as simple as it looks, but the cost difference and any coverage differences should be considered. As any attorney who practices lawyers professional liability insurance defense understands, a policy is just a sheet of paper in the event the coverage grants and exceptions will not be correctly assembled.

The primary thing buyers should look at in a possible lawyers professional liability insurance company is size. The larger an insurance carrier is the better protected you’re against devastating losses ravaging the business. The measurement used is policyholder excess. The larger the surplus, the better.

Another factor is leverage, which can be a complicated issue better usually quantified by the premium to surplus ratio. Companies want a higher ratio because that means they will have more leverage. The major lesson in the recent downturn, which AIG can attest to, is that an excessive amount of leverage can easily damage a financial institution.

The lines of business a company writes is also another important factor. Diversification is usually a great thing as composing uncorrelated lines of business might help reduce volatility in claims for the lawyers professional liability insurance provider. Using the latest fiscal disaster driving firms to behave more responsibly the marketplace has found general insurance companies and specialists in matters like medical malpractice move into law firm professional liability insurance. These diversifying companies usually possess a limited desire for danger and just will willingly compose a typical business.

If considering insurance company strength there isn’t another choice from AM Best. AM Best supplies two ratings for every company – a financial strength rating as well as a size evaluation. Most brokerages lead customers to take insurance which is rated A- or better, even though some are OK with a B rated insurance company. When possible, it’s better to work with an A or better insurance company. The 2nd evaluation, for size, is a direct measurement of excess. If possible use a insurance company with at least one billion dollars in excess.

In conclusion, law firms have a great issue right now, they must determine the amount of money they would like to save. Modest, highly leveraged insurance companies are compelled to undercut the pricing and conditions of their big competitors. Most law firms purchase acknowledged coverage and shouldn’t have an excessive amount of concern purchasing insurance from highly controlled insurance insurance companies.


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Dental medical liability insurance can help a dentist defend a lawsuit that results from complications from anesthesia.

Top Lawsuit Risks Faced by Dentists

There are numerous reasons why a dentist may be involved in a malpractice lawsuit. Generally, oral surgeons are at a greater risk for being sued for malpractice because the procedures they perform tend to have a higher level of complexity, and more likely to require anesthesia. However, it is critical that general practitioners and orthodontists have dental medical liability insurance as well to protect them from any legal action.


Not Referring a Patient to a Specialist


On occasions dentists need to refer their patients to specialists in order to for them to be properly treated for other issues. Examples include oral tumors or cancers and periodontal disease. If a dentist fails to refer a patient to a specialist, he may be sued for malpractice.


Complications From Anesthesia


Certain dental procedures require anesthesia in order to help ensure the comfort of patients. Anesthesia can affect people differently and may cause a negative reaction or even a serious injury. Dental medical liability insurance can help a dentist defend a lawsuit that results from complications from anesthesia.


Tooth Extraction Issues


Tooth extractions are relatively common procedures but sometimes they are incorrectly performed or the wrong tooth is removed.


These three examples are some of the most common reasons why dentists are sued. Having good dental medical liability insurance can assist a dentist in the event of a malpractice lawsuit.
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How to Protect Your School With School Insurance

How to Protect Your School With School Insurance

Schools, like other organizations, face many operational risks. From wage and hour disputes to accidents and injuries, there are so many potential setbacks that can undercut a school’s financial health. School insurance offers a layer of insulation from these risks. By selecting adequate coverage from a quality provider, staff can focus their attention on their primary goal of educating students.


Shopping for Coverage


When it comes time to choose a school insurance provider, top-notch service is key. A quality provider will offer its clients:


  • Experienced staff
  • Products aimed at niche markets
  • Quick and hassle-free claims handling
  • Professional customer service


The goal is to select a policy with a reputable carrier that will safeguard them from potential losses.


Selecting an Insurance Policy


Not all non-profits operate in the same way or face the same risks. For this reason, insurance underwriters offer a range of products tailored to a variety of niche markets. Charter schools and private schools can select a policy that targets their particular needs.


For example, a school might need protection against:


  • General liability
  • Crime insurance
  • Sexual abuse liability
  • Plus a range of other coverage-types


After selecting a reputable school insurance carrier to handle their coverage, school directors can work with company representatives to be sure that they receive all appropriate types of protection. With any luck, they should have the help they need in no time.


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