Finding a Reliable Provider of Specialty Insurance Coverage Is Easier Than You Think

Finding a Reliable Provider of Specialty Insurance Coverage Is Easier Than You Think

Aegis General is known for their extensive experience providing top-quality insurance products to many different licensed agency partners located throughout the United States. If you need an insurance program administrator that is both capable and customer-oriented, contact them and find out if they offer the type of insurance program you are looking for. Their full-service approach to insurance distribution, marketing, design and underwriting may be just what you need to help your clients and expand your business.

  • Programs
  • Aegis General offers many different specialized insurance programs, including:
  • Specialty homeowners
  • Manufactured home (modular, mobile and manufactured)
  • Blanket accident
  • Dwelling fire
  • Surety bonds
  • Unoccupied dwelling (Vacant Program)
  • Supplemental GAP group medical
  • Motorcycle
  • Municipality
  • Travel trailer

Their insurance programs are backed by global carrier partners that have superior financial strength and prowess. If you choose to utilize their services to provide insurance to your various clients, you can rest assured that they will always have the financial capacity to support their policies. With almost four decades of experience providing insurance solutions for markets that are largely undeserved, you can trust them to provide reliable insurance programs that you and your clients can depend upon.

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To find out more about the various insurance programs and packages offered by Aegis General, call them today. They may be able to help you develop a comprehensive insurance program that will benefit both your business and the clients who come to you for their insurance needs.

Safe Driving Rules to Go Over with Your Teen

Safe Driving Rules to Go Over with Your Teen

Over half of all teenaged drivers will be involved in an auto accident by the time they have graduated from high school. Among other things, this means that your auto insurance premiums are likely to go up at some point if you do not go over some safety rules with your teen as they are learning to drive. Here are three things that will both save you money with Virginia insurance companies and potentially save lives.

Keep the Phone Turned Off

Make sure that your teenagers know the dangers of driving while distracted. It is common knowledge by now that cell phones are one of the most common driving distractions. Caution your teen to leave the phone in the glove compartment while they are driving.

Leave Your Headlights on No Matter What

No matter what time of day, driving with the headlights on the vehicle on will keep them much safer and significantly increase the likelihood that other drivers will see them on the road.

Keep Passengers to a Minimum

Teenagers are exponentially more likely to be involved in an accident the more passengers they have in the car. Your teen might want to go joyriding with their friends, but they need to know that for their own safety and the safety of their friends, it is best that they do all their driving solo.

Going over these and other essential safety rules with your teen driver can have a lasting impact on your children and can even save lives. Reputable Virginia insurance companies can help you identify other things that you should talk to your teen about as they go through drivers education training.

Three Important Property Insurance Terms to Know

Three Important Property Insurance Terms to Know

When you are shopping for new insurance for your commercial property, finding a reputable property insurance company is paramount to protect your inventory and business equipment. It is equally important to know some of the common vernacular so you know exactly what you are shopping for and what benefits there are available.

First Loss Policies

It is highly unlikely in many instances, such as if you own a large store with massive amounts of inventory, that a single thief is going to come in and steal everything off your shelves. A first loss policy protects just the largest possible or most valuable loss in the event that some or most of your property is damaged or stolen.

Difference in Conditions Insurance

As the property owner, you have primary insurance. Difference in conditions insurance is something that your tenant will purchase to cover those things that are not covered by your insurance policy. You will want to be very clear with your tenant regarding what is covered and not covered by your insurance policy so they will know if they want to purchase this secondary insurance option.

Trip Transit Insurance

Perhaps in an ideal world, all of your business inventory and property stays put and protected from theft or burglary under your watchful eye. In reality, much of your equipment, inventory, and property is going to be moved around and will often be in transit from one locale to another. For this reason, trip transit insurance is necessary, which protects your property while it is being–you guessed it–in transit.

Check with a reputable property insurance company about which insurance coverage options are best for you.

Outsourcing HR with a Professional Employment Organization

Every year, increasing numbers of employers are choosing to outsource some or all of their HR functions in an attempt to shift focus back to developing their core business operations. They do this by contracting with a third party professional employer organization (PEO). The market for HR outsourcing in Florida provides a level of expertise and service that allows you to control your business decisions, workforce and daily operations.

Streamlined Workforce Optimization

With HR outsourcing in Florida, you get a dedicated team of seasoned human resources professionals who function as your full-service HR department. They take time to appreciate your business objectives and challenges so that they can provide guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  • Affordable employee health insurance and benefits
  • Complete government compliance assistance
  • Stress-free payroll and HR administration
  • Workers’ compensation plan coverage and claim resolution
  • Ongoing health care reform support
  • Dedicated HR support

These significant administrative functions require precise training and expertise. It is wise to leave these tasks to individuals who specialize in performing them.

HR Administration Expertise

An experienced service team frees you to concentrate on the core competencies of your business. Full-service HR outsourcing in Florida has the potential to make your organization stronger, more adaptive, smarter and more successful. When done with foresight, the result is dedicated HR support, administrative relief, reduced liabilities and access to better benefits. The key is developing an HR strategy and solution that works for your organization.

Home Healthcare Insurance

5 Ways Home Healthcare Businesses can be Held Liable

Home healthcare businesses are complex systems that are exposed to an extraordinary amount of liability risk during all phases of operation. A general liability package doesn’t cover all the home healthcare insurance needs. Here are 5 examples of ways companies can be held liable:

  • Auto Accidents – If employees are driving vehicles from a company fleet then the company is naturally liable, but many people do not realize that they may also be held liable if an employee driving his or her own vehicle is in an accident. To transfer the risk, purchase non-owned and hired auto coverage
  • Errors and Omissions – Even the most competent professionals make mistakes. And, even when the company did not stray from protocol, accusations can cost significant money to handle. Protect the reputation and finances of your company and employees with professional liability coverage
  • Workplace Injuries – The majority of states require employers to carry Worker’s Compensation to protect them in the event of workplace injury claims. A broker who specializes in home healthcare insurance will evaluate the business to determine the correct amount of coverage
  • Business Decisions Resulting in Financial Loss – Management has extra risk exposures related to financial and operating decisions. Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (D&O) can protect the business and individual’s assets against lawsuits
  • Hiring and Firing Complaints – These HR issues can be covered under Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Nearly all phases of the business operation have exposures. A comprehensive home healthcare insurance plan will protect all aspects of the business so more time can be spent helping those who need it most.

Qualities of an Effective Insurance Marketing Plan

A quality insurance marketing plan needs to clearly outline your company goals and what you are going to do to accomplish them. A clear strategy detailing your approach to your marketing and what you hope to achieve with it is one of your strongest business tools. Here are 5 things any successful insurance marketing plan should include.

Mission Statement

Identify in your mission statement what your organization does and how. Your mission statement should also include specific details about the value that you provide and who your target audience is for. A mission statement does not have to be long or complicated and in fact will be better understood and appreciated if it is concise.

Description of Target Market

Your marketing plan will be irrelevant if you do not clearly define who you are intending to reach with your marketing. If you are not targeting the right people and knowing what those people look like, then you truly will not be able to reach anybody.

Identify the Competition

As important as it is to know who your marketing is aimed at, it is just as important to know who your competition is. Your competition may be approaching something differently than you are and you can learn a lot from their mistakes as well as your own.

An insurance marketing plan needs to have some very specific elements. Make sure that you talk to a professional about those things that your marketing plan should include and your approach for the best marketing strategy that is effective and thorough.

Characteristics of a Quality Commercial Insurance Provider

Characteristics of a Quality Commercial Insurance Provider

There are a number of different insurance providers that offer commercial products. In fact, you may have already received a commercial insurance quote recently. However, not all providers adhere to the same standards, and some will not provide the quality of service that you deserve. Below are a few key characteristics to look for in a quality commercial insurance provider.


Quality providers have usually been in business for a while. A few signs of a reputable business are:


In order to provide the best service, an insurer should have extensive knowledge about the particular type of insurance that you are seeking. Though they may offer a few different types of insurance, you want to consider a provider with an expertise in the wheelhouse of the insurance you seek.

Customer Focus

You should not only be able to get in touch with your provider when you first sign up. You are building a new business relationship, not just securing a policy. A customer focused firm will stay in constant contact and usually will freely speak about the importance of customer relations and the efforts they put forth to ensure a positive, productive relationship.

Before you even consider a company’s commercial insurance quote, make sure that you are dealing with a quality company by looking for the aforementioned characteristics.

Reasons to Choose a Local Orlando Homeowners Insurance Company

Reasons to Choose a Local Orlando Homeowners Insurance Company

When you are shopping around for a new insurance policy or are considering a renewal of your current one, you might be able to find national companies online that can provide you with good rates. However, for the best value and for the benefit of having someone close by to talk to when you need to file a claim, among other reasons, look a little closer to home. Here are three reasons to choose a local Orlando homeowners insurance company.

Familiarity with the Area

There are probably qualities of your neighborhood and your overall community that are particular to that specific region. These geographical nuances might affect the coverage you need to get, and a local Orlando homeowner’s insurance agency that has been working in the community for several years will be able to consult you on these various factors.

Have Face to Face Meetings

When you work with a large nationwide insurance company, you might get a better rate. You might even think that you are getting better coverage. However, the true value of your insurance policy is seen when you have to file a claim. Being able to talk to someone and have a face to face meeting with someone who knows you personally.

Support Local Economy

Finally, working with a local insurance company means that you do more to support the local economy. Local insurance companies often give back to the community through charitable events and fun family activities. This sense of community is not something that you will get to enjoy when you work with a nationwide insurance company. The next time you are thinking about renewing your existing insurance policy, or are shopping for a new policy, make sure to consider the many benefits of working with a local Orlando homeowner’s insurance agency.

Three Things to Look at to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Three Things to Look at to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

If you wonder whether you could be paying less for your auto insurance, take a look at these three smart tips to lower your insurance rates to make sure that you are getting the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee.

Review Before You Renew

One of the smart things you should do when your car insurance is up for renewal is review your policy to be sure it is still meeting your needs. You may find that you are not getting as good a deal as another company is offering, and you might not need all the same coverage options you had when you first signed up.

Reconsider Your Vehicle

Brand new vehicles are a lot more expensive to insure than used cars. If you have a flashy car with all the bells and whistles, you can save a lot of money on your auto insurance by selling it for a quality used vehicle. If you are financing your vehicle, your insurance will likely cost more as well so the auto insurance savings alone might be worth it to pay off your car.

Look At Your Neighbors

You may be eligible for a lower rate on your auto insurance if you live in a safer area. Auto insurance companies want to know where you are parking your car every day so they can determine the likelihood of your car being vandalized or stolen.

You may be paying more for your car insurance than you need to be. This is because people often go months or even years without adjusting their insurance policy to get the best deal. Others dont know where to start to get cost savings. Start by looking at these three important factors to get the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee.

Three Factors That Make Professional Liability Insurance Essential for Real Estate Agents

Three Factors That Make Professional Liability Insurance Essential for Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents have heard that professional liability insurance is a critical type of coverage to purchase. Still, agents who have made few errors or omissions in the past may consider forgoing real estate liability insurance to reduce their professional costs. However, this can be a dangerous decision, since the following three factors often put agents at a high risk for claims.

  1. Complexity of Professional Duties – Securing necessary funding and completing real estate purchases or sales can be a lengthy, complex process. Unfortunately, agents can face claims for issues such as closing delays, which may arise for various reasons. Since ensuring that every closing goes smoothly is nearly impossible, agents can benefit from preparing for these claims through proper insurance coverage.
  2. Risk of Innocent Mistakes – Even the most meticulous and experienced agents can make mistakes. This risk increases greatly whenever agents take on work outside their usual regions or areas of specialty. Therefore, liability coverage is essential for agents who are working on growing their businesses or diversifying their work.
  3. Potential for Misconceptions – Even when agents have not made mistakes or omissions, clients may allege that this is the case. Simply proving that a claim is unfounded can be expensive, since agents may have to cover investigatory costs, pay legal fees and hire expert witnesses to testify on their behalf. Liability coverage is the most effective way to guard against these significant financial losses.

Addressing Unavoidable Risks

Given all of these threats, real estate liability insurance is easily a worthwhile investment for agents. Even if the possibility of a claim seems unlikely, the catastrophic financial consequences that could come with just one error or omission make having proper protection crucial.