How to Improve Your Insurance Web Design

How to Improve Your Insurance Web Design

Whether you are an agent or insurer, the one thing that your websites can’t do without is a good design. Although the majority of your customers are going to spend a great deal of their time shopping around from your competitors, the one thing that can help to win them over is having an intuitive insurance web design.

Mobile Enhancements

A large majority of potential customers are going to use their tablets and cell phones to access the web. To take advantage of this untapped market, you need to make sure that your websites are designed to work with mobile technology. Take some time to thoroughly analyze every aspect of your web design so that you can determine what layouts, themes and other factors work best to deliver your websites to mobile visitors.


It doesn’t matter if your agency offers the lowest rates around, the wrong design and layout can turn potential customers off and keep you from closing the deal. Once visitors end up on your sites, you want to make sure that they remain engaged enough to stay there. Don’t be afraid to change things up or try different concepts until you find a web design that works right for you.

Consider hiring an independent insurance web design company to handle every aspect of building and managing your websites. They can save you time, money and increase your web presence in record time.

Three Risks of Forgoing Car Repair Workers' Compensation Coverage

Three Risks of Forgoing Car Repair Workers’ Compensation Coverage

For most auto repair businesses, workers’ compensation coverage is legally required. Still, some businesses may forgo this coverage due to financial restrictions or misconceptions about the risks involved. It is important for any repair shop that lacks car repair workers compensation coverage to appreciate the following dangers of continuing to go without coverage.

  1. Employee Claims – Accidents and employee injuries are the primary threat to repair shops that do not carry workers’ compensation coverage. Without appropriate insurance, an employer may be directly liable for various expenses associated with an injury, including:
    • Medical and rehabilitative costs
    • Temporary or permanent disability benefits
    • Death benefits

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the expenses that come with a severe injury to exceed what a business can handle.

  2. State Sanctions – Auto repair shops that lack car repair workers compensation may also face fines for violating state law, regardless of whether any workers suffer injuries and make claims. In many states, employers are fined based on each day of non-compliance, which means this expense may also be significant.
  3. Insolvency – Together, these costs have the potential to drive most businesses to bankruptcy. Repair shop owners should also remember that it will not necessarily take several claims to create crippling costs. In some cases, one serious claim may be enough to overwhelm a business.

Eliminating the Risk

These dangers illustrate why purchasing car repair workers compensation insurance is an important investment for any auto repair shop. While avoiding the monthly cost of insurance coverage may seem desirable, this cost is much more affordable than the expenses that could result if even one worker suffers an injury.

The Essential Types of Logistics Insurance Coverage

The Essential Types of Logistics Insurance Coverage

As a shipping company owner, you know how crucial having exceptional logistics insurance coverage is. With so many things that can go wrong from day to day and shipment to shipment, it is important to have a policy that will fully protect you and your business dealings. Because there are so many different things that you ship and with the many risks involved, you will need a variety of policies to ensure complete coverage.

To figure out exactly what types of logistics insurance coverage that you need, start out by listing each category of cargo shipping that you do, as well as your assets. Here are some common holdings that many transport companies have and that insurance brokers can often customize policies for:

  • Warehouse and storage
  • Project cargo
  • High-value cargo
  • Coverage for products that are stocked
  • International shipping cargo
  • Domestic transport cargo

As you can see, the options for product transport are seemingly endless. With all of the freight that is shipped via train, plane, truck or overseas, you have many different options for insurance products to properly cover both the cargo and transportation of them. You can find the best logistics insurance coverage for you by going with a company that is highly trained and knowledgeable in the shipping industry. With experts at your insurance helm, you can have the peace of mind that all transit business owners crave.

Three Types of Optional Auto Insurance Tennessee Drivers Should Consider

Three Types of Optional Auto Insurance Tennessee Drivers Should Consider

Drivers are legally required to carry a minimum amount of liability auto insurance in Tennessee. Many drivers secure this coverage without opting for any additional insurance. Unfortunately, this can leave drivers exposed to serious financial losses. To ensure full protection, drivers should strongly consider adding one or more of the following policies to their current coverage.

  1. Collision: Collision coverage can help pay for damage that a vehicle sustains during a two-car accident. This insurance may also cover the cost of damage from one-vehicle accidents. For example, drivers may be able to make claims against their collision policies after hitting potholes, crashing into inanimate objects or driving off the road.
  2. Comprehensive: Comprehensive insurance helps address the cost of damage that occurs outside of an accident. Damage from weather, fire and vandalism is typically covered under a comprehensive policy. This coverage can also provide compensation in the event that a car is stolen.
  3. Uninsured Motorists: Uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage helps pay for a policyholder’s expenses after a collision with a motorist who lacks adequate insurance coverage. This insurance may address medical costs as well as property damage expenses.

Finding the Right Fit

These are just a few areas of coverage that can be added onto a policy for auto insurance in Tennessee. Many motorists may also benefit from looking into additional options, such as rental or towing insurance. Although securing this extra coverage might seem costly, the associated long-term financial savings may be significant.

Life Insurance Virginia

Four Common Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance in Virginia provides financial protection for loved ones as well as peace of mind. There are often many options and determining how much coverage is needed is sometimes complicated. Understanding some of the myths about this type of coverage can help you make the right decision.

Myth #1 Insurance Coverage From Your Job Is Sufficient
This is not always the case. If you are married and have dependents, you probably need additional coverage. The insurance from your employer may be enough if you are single and don’t have a lot of expenses.

Myth #2 Single People Don’t Need Coverage
Everyone needs to have enough life insurance in Virginia to pay for funeral costs, medical expenses and any outstanding debt. Otherwise, your family may be saddled with these expenses.

Myth#3 Term Insurance Is Better Than Permanent Coverage
In some situations, term insurance is the best alternative. However, the older you get the more expensive it becomes. Your age, financial situation and health are all factors in the equation.

Myth#4 Only Primary Breadwinners Need Life Insurance
This is not true, particularly if one of the spouses stays at home with children. Childcare and other services provided by homemakers can real add up if you have to pay someone to do them.

Discussing life insurance is not always a fun topic, but it is necessary. Your insurance agent can explain the different types of coverage and assist you making the right choice for your situation.

Construction Management Risk

Why Construction Management Firms Need Professional Liability Insurance

Construction management firms are heavily involved in the affairs of their clients. They provide architects and engineers and oversee projects from inception to completion. For this reason, firms should have professional liability insurance. When encountering a construction management risk, management firms benefit from having liability coverage, which limits the severity of a lawsuit.

Why Have Professional Liability Insurance?

Management firms are found liable in a number of situations. Perhaps an architect fails to complete a job properly or a project halts due to an unforeseen issue. In either scenario, a firm may be held accountable. Liability insurance heavily reduces the costs that arise during a lawsuit. It assists in the payment of various court expenses, including attorney fees. There are many benefits to having liability insurance, but having surefire financial protection is inarguably the most important one.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance provides coverage in the event a client files a claim for:

Liability insurance offers many different types of protection. Management firms unsure about the amount of coverage they need should speak to and discuss their options with a representative from an insurance company.

When encountering a potential construction management risk, management firms would be wise to have professional liability insurance. Such coverage protects their financial assets in the event of a lawsuit.

The Importance of Obtaining an Insurance Quote

When you run your own business, you are faced with unique risks on a daily business. Without the proper coverage, you could experience significant loss. When you are in the process of finding the right insurance for your needs, it may be beneficial to shop around for a commercial insurance quote. Before you make a final decision, it’s a good idea to know what is out there and what types of services and coverages you can expect.

Match Your Needs

Every business is different, and every insurance agent is different as well. In order to make sure that the policy you invest in is the right fit, a commercial insurance quote provided by an agent should take into account your business’s specific needs. You don’t want to end up paying for coverages that are not necessary or missing coverages that you end up requiring.

Shopping Around

When you make a big purchase, you need to be able to think about many different options. The same can be said for business insurance. You don’t have to purchase the first plan that you find; you can get a few quotes and find the insurance that fits your budget, your business plan and any other requirements that you may have.

A commercial insurance quote from a trusted agent may be the best way to see what you can expect to receive when you make your final choice.

Increase Your Online Insurance Sales

Today’s modern marketplace is increasingly reliant on online sales. So much so, in fact, that 85 percent of consumers currently report that they research or purchase insurance premiums through online mediums. In other words, if today’s insurance agencies want to connect with and get their products in front of the biggest audience possible, they must first establish a strong internet presence. While there are a broad array of ways your company can increase its online footprint, here are a few of the easiest and most affordable methods of effective insurance marketing.

Maintain Cohesive Branding

Companies that resonate the most with customers tend to be those that maintain cohesive language, colors, logos and tone throughout all of their advertisement and marketing mediums. The key here is consistency  with so many other companies competing for web crawlers’ attention, making your business memorable is a key component of successful insurance marketing.

Maximize Your Presence of Social Media

Social media marketing efforts are largely underutilized when it comes to promoting insurance agencies. Some companies mistakenly believe that social media is not the right place to find their target market, but the truth is, social media represents countless demographics. Given its affordability, you’re doing your insurance agency a serious disservice by not making the most out of popular social media channels.

What Services You Should Seek in a Social Media Insurance Provider

Acquiring the protection your company needs to effectively mitigate the risks of doing business is crucial to achieve sustainable success. Social Media for Insurance provides companies with an alternative to traditional policies and provides additional protection against the risks that come from working with consumers in a virtual world. Here are some of the services you should seek in a provider.

Effective Management

Social media is complex and requires at least a basic knowledge of how consumers can interact, make requests, and do business on a virtual platform. The best providers will offer management services to help you effectively maintain various reports, notifications, and postings to generate successful business.

Promotional Messaging

A well-written promotional message is an effective tool to build your reputation, establish your brand, and share information about your companys product or service. A reliable provider will provide social media marketing services to assist you in developing and sharing effective promotional messaging.

Custom Design Elements

Because your business is unique, your insurance coverage will require a certain degree of customized requirements. The best provider will allow you to customize aspects such as branding, across different channels to ensure the consistency and credibility of your company.


With a reliable provider on your side, social media for insurance can be an excellent resource for effective management, promotional messaging, and customized branding for your business.

Tips for Purchasing Marine Cargo Insurance

Damaged goods are part of the risk you face when you purchase product overseas. Getting a great deal on what you need for your business helps your profitability, until something happens and the goods don’t arrive. International shipping laws are favorable to the carrier, because it helps promote trade between nations, but this doesn’t help manage your risk. Marine cargo insurance is your peace of mind while you’re waiting for a shipment to arrive.

When purchasing marine cargo insurance, be honest about the nature of your goods. You have to disclose the types of goods, the value, the mode of transport, and other material facts to the insurance company and underwriter.

Make sure that you read the policy. Know the limitation and exclusions of the policy so that you are not surprised if you have to use the coverage. Ask your insurance agent where the claim would be filed if anything happens. Understand how the claim will be paid, for instance, if the accident happens in Mexican waters, do you get paid in Mexican currency?

Work with your marine cargo insurance provider to make sure that your cargo is properly documented. Cargo insurance is more complex than many other types of policies, so always work with a specialist in the industry. Ask questions so you get the right policy without overpaying for insurance or underinsuring your goods.