Three Top Ways to Lower Your Rates on Homeowners Insurance in N.J.

If you own a home, chances are you are required to carry homeowners insurance in N.J. Banks require this insurance before they will provide you with a mortgage. Even after a home is paid off, most homeowners continue paying their homeowners premiums since it lets them sleep at night, knowing that their homes are protected. What you may not know is that there are some easy ways to lower your costs on this valuable coverage.


Bundle Your Insurance


The easiest way to obtain a discount on your premiums is to combine your coverages with a single insurance carrier. Most companies will provide a discount when you bundle your homeowners insurance with your car insurance and any other coverages you have, such as umbrella liability. Also, some insurance carriers offer loyalty discounts and will lower your premium over the years.


Take a Higher Deductible


Another quick way to lower your homeowners insurance in N.J. is by accepting a higher deductible. The deductible is the portion that you pay out of pocket before the insurance company reimburses you for any claims. The higher the deductible you are willing to accept, the lower your premium.


Install a Security System


Consider taking a burglary protection service with a company that provides continuous monitoring. Other security measures might include installing deadlocks on doors, locks on all windows and installing floodlights with motion detectors. Even simple landscaping measures such as keeping bushes away from the house or keeping them trimmed to less than 3 feet can discourage burglars and might entitle you to a discount.


Talk to your insurance agent about additional measures that you can take to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance in N.J.

Three Types of Business Insurance Your Company Absolutely Needs

Properly insuring your business is an essential part of maintaining a financially stable and profitable company. If you recently started a new company or simply want to revamp your business’ current insurance portfolio, there are three types of business insurance PA your company absolutely needs.


  1. Workers’ Compensation


When one of your employees becomes injured or ill while they are at work, this type of business insurance PA covers the cost of their medical expenses and lost wages. These benefits are available to your employees regardless of who is at fault for the accident.


  1. General Liability


The purpose of general liability insurance is to protect your business’ assets. These policies also cover any financial obligations your business might be held liable for if someone were to get hurt on your property and any legal costs associated with the litigation process if someone were to sue your company.


  1. Errors and Omissions


Even if you have the best employees on your team and have strict risk management policies in place, mistakes are still bound to happen. Errors and omissions insurance protects your business from financial loss in case an error is made regarding a service you provided to a client for a fee.


These are just a few of the insurance policies your business probably needs. If you want to find out more about which types of insurance your business can benefit from, consider speaking with an insurance agency.

What Do E&O Insurance Policies Cover?

Many working professionals know that they need Errors & Omissions insurance, yet they don’t know exactly what this insurance covers. Unfortunately, professionals paying the E&O insurance cost without understanding what they are buying are not necessarily putting their money to good use. It’s essential that professionals know what this type of insurance covers and excludes.


Examples of Errors and Omissions


E&O insurance can cover procedural errors, professional oversights, poor advice or research, failure to warn, and similar mistakes. Basically, any professional service that is rendered in good faith and leads to a claim of negligence should be covered under this insurance. Services that contractors and temporary staff performed incorrectly can also be covered. This insurance addresses both defense and damage costs associated with claims of negligence.


Excluded Areas


E&O policies have a few strict exclusions. Claims arising based on a professional’s intentional deceit or wrongdoing is never covered, unless the policy contains an innocent insured clause and some policyholders were unaware of the misconduct. Physical injuries or property damage arising from professional negligence are also excluded from E&O policies. Employment practices issues and patent or trade secret issues are not covered either.


Finding Comprehensive Coverage


Outside of these basic guidelines, coverage can still vary considerably depending on E&O insurance cost. For instance, differences in the duration of coverage that distinct policies offer may be significant. It’s crucial for professionals to fully evaluate the coverage offered before committing to any new E&O policy.

Protect Your Second Property with Cabin Insurance in TN

It’s nice to have a second piece of property in Tennessee. Many people enjoy the luxury of taking vacation at their own personal retreat in the mountains. Others earn extra income by putting their asset to work as a temporary rental. While owning additional property is financially advantageous, there is more risk involved. Make sure you are protected against loss. Specialized cabin insurance in TN is available for owners of unique properties.


Property Risks


Just like any other piece of property you own, your cabin’s structures and contents need to be protected against potential loss caused by fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather and flooding. Vacations properties are unique in that they are not occupied all of the time. When no one is present to respond to emergencies, damages are often more severe.


Liability Risks


Allowing guests to stay on your property increases the risk facing a lawsuit. Even if you take every precaution, an accident can still happen. You are responsible for the safety of everyone on your property. Make certain you have enough liability coverage to provide for medical care expenses. If you own multiple locations, an umbrella policy can be designed to apply coverage across the full range of your portfolio.


Business Risks


Using your cabin as a vacation rental combines the risks of owning property with the risk of owning a business. Even if you have no tenants staying with you, the mortgage and other financial responsibilities continue. When your cabin is damaged to the point where it is no longer inhabitable, you still have to make your payments. Policies are available that replace lost rental revenue and help you to manage your obligations.


The privileges of owning additional pieces of property come with additional considerations. Make certain you are prepared with the right cabin insurance in TN.

Reliable Employment Practices Insurance Is Essential for Every Industry

Reliable Employment Practices Insurance Is Essential for Every Industry

While running a business requires reasonable treatment of all employees, unfortunate incidents can sometimes occur. This is especially true in light of increased regulations relating to employment discrimination claims.


That’s why employment practices insurance is so important to businesses in every industry. Reliable coverage can help deal with every aspect of such claims, from legal costs to ensuring future incidents don’t occur.


Causes of Disputes Can Vary


When it comes to employment disputes, even the most fair and just workplaces can experience occurrences. For instance, wage and hour claims are becoming increasingly common throughout every industry. Other types of claims can include allegations of harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.


Once a dispute occurs, legal fees can get out of hand very quickly. Assistance with court costs is crucial in this respect, especially for smaller businesses facing more budgetary restraints. Without proper support, a company can find itself in financial ruin resulting from a single allegation.


Reducing Risks Is Also Important


In addition to dealing with existing claims, employment practices insurance can also offer resources for reducing the likelihood of violations. An informed staff will be far less likely to breach accepted guidelines as they pertain to proper treatment of employees. While incidents cannot be avoided altogether, the can be reduced significantly.


Protect Your Business From Harmful Disputes


When seeking employment practices insurance, it’s best to work with an insurance company well-versed in such issues. The right company will ably deal with all aspects of employment practices claims, from decreasing occurrences to dealing with the aftermath.


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Individualized Professional Liability Insurance Solutions for Your Clients

Individualized Professional Liability Insurance Solutions for Your Clients

It is important to partner with a wholesale insurance brokerage firm that has a demonstrated record of success. Instead of offering your clients a short menu of options, give your clients the individualized attention each and every one deserves. Professional liability insurance cost should vary depending on different industries and professions. Your clients should get all of the protection they need, and none of the protection they do not.

Customized Liability Insurance Plans for the Real World

Professionals can benefit from more than competitive terms and low professional liability insurance cost. Several popular policies include the following:

  • Commercial crime and fiduciary insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Errors and omissions insurance

Additionally, regulations change. Instead of trying to keep up, let a trusted broker help you and your clients. Give your clients the protection they need. Worry about following up on referrals, not doing damage control.

Find Gaps and Protect Your Clients

It is simple. Different clients have different needs. Work with a reputable insurance brokerage partner to fill any gaps in existing policies and create new policies that meet individualized needs. Instead of wondering whether or not your clients have the protection they need, contact a company that has expertise in providing professional liability insurance. Trust experience, not promises. Do the right thing, and partner with a company that will help your clients today and tomorrow.


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Types of Home Insurance Coverage Your Need

Types of Home Insurance Coverage Your Need

Choosing a home is a very exciting and personal time in the life of a family or individual. More goes into making the choice than simply finding the largest square footage, most bathrooms, or all special amenities; a house must feel like a place that can be made into a home. After going through the trouble of finding the best possible residence, it only makes sense to protect it with homeowners insurance in Connecticut.


Creating the Perfect Insurance Policy


There is more than one, single type of insurance coverage, and even when you further compartmentalize into something like homeowners insurance in Connecticut, you still face several different options. When making your policy, choose from:


  • Personal property coverage – The property you keep in your home is also eligible to be protected. It is important to have your possessions appraised in order to get the proper amount of coverage.
  • Comprehensive – Not all homeowners insurance protects against natural disaster, but comprehensive coverage does pay for events such as natural flood and forest fire.
  • Special coverage – Many homes have additional structures on the property that are not always covered by the insurance policy, such as sheds, pools, sports courts, and fences. Additional coverage may be needed.


Learn more about the best homeowners insurance in Connecticut by speaking with an agent as soon as possible. Together, you can create a policy that meets your needs and protect all of your properties.


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Three Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Three Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability claims are increasingly common, as employees become more sensitive to incidents of harassment, discrimination, and more. However, individuals running companies or staffing agencies may question whether they really need specialized insurance to guard against these claims. The following benefits make this insurance highly beneficial and worthwhile.

  1. Difficulty or Providing Objective Evidence in These Claims

Employment practices claims often involve incidents that are not clear-cut or viewed the same way by both parties. What seems like a fair and rational decision from the company’s standpoint may seem like discrimination, failure to employ, or negligent evaluation to the employee. It can be difficult for a company to provide incontrovertible evidence to support its position.

  1. Legitimate Claims Will Likely Occur at Some Point

Unfortunately, even companies that value treating employees well may be exposed to legitimate claims. A careless remark or decision on the part of another employee could easily be interpreted as harassment or discrimination, and bias can accidentally slip into necessary hiring, promotion, or termination decisions.

  1. Financial Savings Can Be Significant

Employment practices liability insurance can protect against the cost of eventual damages, not to mention the expenses of investigating an incident and defending against a claim. In the event of a claim, the cost of coverage may pay off quickly.

Discover Other Advantages

Employment practices liability insurance may offer other benefits, depending on the employer’s specific situation. Businesses or staffing agencies lacking this insurance can benefit from contacting an insurance provider to learn more about the protection it offers.


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A Guide to NJ Homeowners Insurance Quotes

A Guide to NJ Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Purchasing insurance is one of the most important ways to protect your family’s home. From break-ins to ruptured water pipes, there are many different types of claims a family might need to make. Before selecting a particular policy, it is helpful to understand and compare the NJ homeowners insurance quotes available on the market today.

There Are Many Types of Coverage Available

There is no one-size-fits-all policy that suits every household. For this reason, it is important to explore the options that are available. For example, NJ homeowners insurance quotes might include special coverage for:

  • Pools
  • Trampolines
  • Motor boats
  • A home business
  • High-end possessions such as expensive jewelry or art

As you zero in on a particular policy, you will want to strike a balance between adequate protection and cost.

What to Expect From a Top-Notch Insurance Agent

When shopping for insurance, there are several things you can expect from a quality provider. An agent should start by doing an in-depth review of your particular situation. In assessing your needs, the representative will take into account your:

  • Property
  • Lifestyle
  • Tolerance for risk

Based on this review, he or she can advise you on the types of risks you face. Then your provider should be able to assemble an insurance package that is customized to your needs and preferences.

With any luck you should be able to move from shopping for NJ homeowners insurance quotes to being fully protected in no time.


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What is the Average Malpractice Cost for an Attorney?

What is the Average Malpractice Cost for an Attorney?

One of the most common budgeting questions asked by today’s attorneys is, “how much is legal malpractice insurance?” This makes sense, right? If you plan on practicing law, then you better protect yourself. One missed deadline or lost file could result in a lawsuit. And, in this scenario, things could get expensive. With the right insurance, you will be able to handle these unfortunate situations properly, ensuring that your reputation remains in tact.


The Cost of Malpractice Insurance Varies


So, how much is legal malpractice insurance? The truth is, the cost varies. The following factors influence what you pay:


  • Number of years you have been a lawyer
  • Amount of coverage required
  • Deductible
  • Area of law you practice


Interestingly, most experienced lawyers pay more for their insurance. Why? They have a higher chance of getting sued because of their reputation. Also, personal injury and real estate tend to involve the highest risk.


Average Cost Per Attorney


Most insurance companies set a minimum premium amount on these policies. Typically it is around $2,000. However, Black’s Law Dictionary says that that average attorney with experience will pay between $5,000 and $15,000 each year on their insurance.


If you need legal malpractice insurance, contact an insurance company today. It is important to have the professional liability coverage that is right for your job. With the right policy, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.


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